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The Death of Man

January 29, 2017 | Under Science | Posted by | No Comments

This week I return to J.C. Sanford, and his eye-opening book – Genetic Entropy. J.C. Sanford is a highly regarded geneticist. He is the author of over 100 technical papers in theoretical genetics, and he taught at Cornell. His first published Genetic Entropy in 2005, and the most recent Fourth Edition includes scientific developments through…

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The Astronomy of Jesus

December 23, 2016 | Under Journey of Faith, Science | Posted by | No Comments

Two years ago I posted an item on the Star of Bethlehem. I love evidence for the truth of the Gospels. This month I gave two talks at my church (Trinity Church, Vero Beach, Florida) on the Star of Bethlehem and the Astronomy of Jesus. Here is a video of the first, which focuses on…

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This week I have another amazing animal story, this time about the Monarch butterfly. Monarchs are gorgeous, and found in most parts of the United States and Canada. Scientists didn’t know where Monarchs went in the winter. We now know Monarchs from the Eastern United States and Canada spend the winter in Mexico. They migrate…

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Amazing Animals

June 26, 2016 | Under Science | Posted by | No Comments

I’m on a group chat, where hundreds of scientists post evidence relating to the existence of God. When I checked back in recently I had over 2,000 unread emails. Here are a few items that astounded me. As you know, in my view Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection acting on random mutations has…

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Me v. Novak Djokovic

May 14, 2016 | Under Science | Posted by | No Comments

Last Sunday I watched the finals of the Madrid Open. The world’s top two tennis players, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, went head-to-head. Tennis is my favorite sport to watch; I like the one-on-one format and, as a recreational player of modest ability, I appreciate the enormous talent. I have had the privilege a few…

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