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Counting To God

Counting To God, the book that is changing lives.

This book might be one of the most important gifts you’ll ever give …

… because “Does God exist?” might be the most important question you’ll ever answer.

Young people, agnostics, non-believers, and even Christians of wavering faith are all victims of the lie that science opposes religion.

But many unbiased scientists and other experts are speaking out about the truth, that modern science supports the existence of the God of the Bible.

To learn about this fascinating body of cutting edge scientific evidence for a Creator, you could read eight or ten books published over the last 20 years.

Or, you can read Counting To God.

For anyone still searching for the truth, and for anyone who doubts that God exists, Counting To God: A Personal Journey Through Science To Belief can be a life-changing gift.

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Get one for yourself – so you can talk about real science, and challenge the atheist bias of modern culture. Give copies to loved ones and acquaintances unsure of God’s existence.

Here is some more information about Counting To God (and for much more, be sure to check out the 5 Questions About Counting To God).

What is Counting To God about?

You’ll learn about the seven areas of modern science that point strongly to a Designer behind all that exists – and which are confounding atheist scientists. Click here to learn more …

Isn’t atheism based on science?

As author Douglas Ell says, “the belief that we are here by accident is a superstition, and the suggestion that science supports it is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the human race.” Click here to read more …

How solid is the science behind Counting To God?

Counting To God is a work of science written in a non-technical style, for all readers interested in issues of faith and science. The Head of the Physics Department at MIT says “I highly recommend” Counting To God. Click here to learn more ….

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