What Is Counting To God About?

Author and former atheist Douglas Ell explains in plain English the current state of knowledge in seven areas of modern science, which include:

  • the history and physical laws of the universe and our planet,
  • the origin and technology of life,
  • evolution of species, and
  • quantum physics.

Along with the overview, Ell applies basic probability calculations to the likelihood of various phenomena having arisen by chance.

For instance, the theory of unguided macroevolution (Darwinian “evolution”) hinges on large numbers of random events; i.e., if chemicals are allowed to jostle around long enough, eventually they will form biological machines.

To show that the technology of life cannot arise by chance, even over enormous periods of time, Counting To God provides examples in the form of thought exercises to illustrate concepts like the true scale of very large numbers. This allows even non-technical readers to grasp the correlation of accidental events to spans of time – whether thousands, millions, or billions of years.

In this way, Counting To God allows for drastically clearer understanding of a range of scientific discoveries.